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(1) Alpine Space permafrost monitoring network


PermaNET collects the metadata of the most important permafrost monitoring sites and compiles it into a standardized permafrost monitoring network. On key monitoring sites, new monitoring stations have been installed and instrumented.

The Alpine-wide monitoring network now consists of 40 key monitoring sites which are measuring different parameters and characteristics of permafrost in rock and debris covered soils.


The table of the Permafrost Monitoring Sites are visible here.


For an overview map of Permafrost Monitoring Sites click here.


The handbook for the installation and maintenance of an Alpine-wide permafrost monitoring network describes the use of selected permafrost detection and monitoring methods:


    Ground Surface Temperature GST


    Bottom temperature of snow cover BTS


    Rock surface temperature RST


    Ground Penetrating Radar GPR


    Spring temperature and water chemistry



The installation of new monitoring stations was partly financed by the PermaNET project. The maintenance over long periods is guaranteed by the institute or authority that installed the monitoring station.

Following the example of the Swiss permafrost monitoring network PERMOS, national permafrost monitoring networks have been founded. In France, the PermaFRANCE network has been established. In Italy and Austria, national monitoring networks are in preparation. The national monitoring networks are coordinating the monitoring activities on national scale. An overview about the results of permafrost monitoring in the European Alps can be compiled periodically on the basis of data from the key monitoring stations.

For any further supplementation of the monitoring network and for guaranteeing the compatibility of the measured data, a set of guidelines for the installation and maintenance of the monitoring stations have been formulated.




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