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The overall aim of the PermaNET project is to develop a common strategy for dealing with permafrost and related natural hazards under changing climatic conditions. The project aims to enforce good governance practices on the base of a common knowledge, of a jointly developed data base and of a commonly accepted strategy.


The main outputs of PermaNET are:


(1) Alpine Space permafrost monitoring network

PermaNET collects the metadata of the most important permafrost monitoring sites and compiles it into a standardized permafrost monitoring network. On key monitoring sites, new monitoring stations have been installed and instrumented.


(2) Permafrost distribution in the Alps

One of the main objectives of PermaNET is to provide a permafrost distribution map of the Alps. The map consists of two combined datasets. One dataset is the inventory of permafrost evidence and one dataset is a modelled map of the permafrost distribution.


(3) Permafrost and related natural hazards

PermaNET evaluates several methods for detection and monitoring of permafrost-related slope movements and make recommendations for risk management in areas affected by the current permafrost degradation.


(4) Permafrost and climate change

High altitude and high-latitude regions are generally recognized as being particularly sensitive to the effects of climate change. A large proportion of permafrost in the European Alps, for instance, is at or close to melting point and is therefore very sensitive to atmospheric warming.


(5) Permafrost and water resources management

There is still little knowledge on the impact of climate change on alpine permafrost and how the enhanced melting of permafrost ice alters discharge patterns and water quality of alpine headwaters.




Products available for download


PermaNET Synthesis Report

PermaNET Synthese Bericht

PermaNET Relazione di sintesi

PermaNET Rapport de synthese


PermaNET documentary


PermaNET WP3  Educational toolkit

    Definition and instructions

    Theoretical bases

    Knowledge paths

    Knowledge paths solutions




PermaNET WP3 Educational toolkit [GERMAN]

    Definition und Einleitung

    Theoretische Grundlagen


    Lösungen Lernbuffet




PermaNET WP5.3: Permafrost response to climate change

    Final report


PermaNET WP6.1: Method sheets






    Terrestrial photogrammetry (TP)

    Topographical Survey (TS)

    Comparison of TLS and TP


PermaNET WP6.2: State of the art reports


    Local ground movements




PermaNET WP7: Reports and Handbook

    WP 7.1

    WP 7.2

    WP 7.3

    WP 7.4



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